all about MEE!!

Je m’ appelle chelsea j’ ai douze ans.

J’ai un soeurs elles appelle kaleigh, un frer il s’ appelle jonathan.

J’ai un cheval il s’appelle junior <3.

J’ai les cheveux blond et les yeux bleu.

J’ aim des chevaux et chiens.

J’ adore faire equestriane.

Je n’ aime pas aragnees, serpents, vers, insectes.

Alexander Dumas

Alexander Dumas was born in villers-cotterets France in 1802 and died 1870 il a soixante huit ans. His birth name “Dumas Davy de la pailleterie. He was a play writter and a novleist one of the most widly french authors in the world, he wrote the three musketeers’ and the ‘man in the iron mask’ and ‘the black tulip’.

Alexander was very intresting to do.


Je aime mon cheval Junior, Juniora ounz ans, Il aime des pomme etdes carrotte, Il marge du laite de possion Il a drun yeux brun cheu eux, Je amie mon cheval JUNIOR!! <3 🙂

20 er verbs

1) Tu arretes

2) Tu ecoutes

3) Tu detestes

4)Tu aimes

5)Tu arrives

6)Tu parles

7)Tu montes

8)Tu danses

9)Je marche

10)Je regarde

11)Je laisse

12)Je frappe

13)Je mange

14)Nous etudieons

15)Nous enleveons

16)Nous joueons

17)Nous gardons

18)Nous affacenos

19)Nous dessinons

20)J’ entre

christmas break!

this christmas break was fun!

well me and my cousin would go out riding, i went on the mons pond trail for the first time when i had my horse but i sat in the back because ii was really nerves.

it was all fine for the first time even through the big water road, it was really deep  it was almost up to his sholders and he did really well! even when we steped into a little hole he was perfect!. the second time we went when we were  taking up we tied him and he spooked and the saddle pad and he ripped down the fence and a post came and hit melissa so she has a brouse on her side 🙁 but after that he was good because i think he felt bad and after that nothing bad has happend.

the best christmas presents i got  is laptop and an english saddle( spencers old one).

Mantua :)





Grade 7.


AMantuais a dress. Well actually it’s a corset which is a medal or wooded frame that is really tight in the waist and gets really big at the bottom. TheMantuaoriginated fromItalyand then franc started to were theItalyfashion line, they start to wereMantua’s in 18 century. When theMantua’s were a really big thing the people thought that the bigger theMantuawas the richer you were. People don’t wareMantua’s any more but if you want to see them you can go to a museum.